Corporate Secretarial Services


As per the Singapore Company Act, every Company needs to appoint Corporate Secretary in Singapore within 6 months from the date of its incorporation. Also, one needs to bear in mind that the Company secretary one appoints for one’s Company is a permanent citizen of Singapore. We completely understand as to how difficult it can get for some of you to find the right Company Secretary in Singapore within 6 months and most importantly, a wrong choice can have a very disappointing outcome.


Why there is a need for the provision of Corporate Secretarial Services to your company?


corporate secretary singapore

1.The company secretary must be residing locally in Singapore.

2.He/She must not be the sole director of that enterprise

3.Every company must appoint a secretary within 6 months of the date of its incorporation.





Proficient and Qualified Secretary for Your Company

We can offer you with the most proficient and qualified secretary who can handle all the secretarial matters of your Company exceptionally well. In fact, a lot of companies have experienced a stunning difference with our secretarial services. We feel glad to have made things unimaginably easy for a lot of companies over the years. Furthermore, we offer our services at a pretty affordable price. Our Company Secretary will help you with the following matters:

  • Common seal safekeeping
  • Register Books maintenance
  • Minutes and resolutions
  • Consultancy services
  • Constant monitoring of the company’s compliance
  • Submission of Annual Return and XBRL to ACRA
  • Other substantial secretarial and administrative tasks

How do we help and what do we offer? 

COMPLETE SECRETARIAL SERVICES PACKAGE  – Only $S 380! ( excluding ACRA disbursements)

Our Company Secretary Package provides the following services:-
  • Acting as named Corporate secretary by our qualified staff
  • Monitoring of filing deadlines
  • Monitoring and ensuring compliance with relevant legal requirements, particularly under the Companies Act and Income Tax Act.
  • Regular compliance alert via email and call.
  • Safe-keeping of company common seal
  • Maintaining and updating of company’s Minutes and Register Books
  • Drafting of standard directors’ resolutions and minutes
  • Advice on secretarial/ statutory/ compliance/ accounting/tax matters
  • Submission of Annual Return
  • Attending to routine secretarial filing
  • Preparation of Annual General Meeting
  • Auto Filing Reminders



3-IN-1 COMPLIANCE PACKAGE                -PACKAGE DEAL AT Only $S 880! ( U.P. $S 1,190 )

Our 3-in-1 Compliance Package provides the following services:-
  • Secretarial Work – U.P. $S 380
  • Compilation of Financial Report  – U.P. $S 600
  • Tax Computation – U.P. $S 180
  • Submission of Estimated Chargeable Income – U.P. $S 30


Financial Report

Dormant companies and exempt private companies (“EPC”) with annual revenue below S$10m could enjoy audit exemption under current Singapore Companies Act, Chapter 50 (the “Act”). These companies have a choice as to whether to have their accounts audited except where the law has prescribed that an audit is still required. This will help many companies reduce their business operating cost.

Companies that qualify for the audit exemption and have chosen not to have their accounts audited can file the unaudited accounts in place of the audited accounts. The unaudited accounts (including notes to accounts) must be accompanied by the Directors’ report and the Statement of Directors and they must be prepared in compliance with the Companies Act and Singapore Financial Reporting Standards.  To meet these requirements, we assist our client to prepare unaudited financial statements  with professional competence and due care.

Tax Compution

A tax computation is a statement showing the tax adjustments to the accounting profit to arrive at the income that is chargeable to tax.

As mandated by IRAS, companies should prepare their tax computations annually before completing the Form C-S/ C. Only companies filing Form C need to submit their audited/unaudited* accounts, tax computation and supporting schedules together with Form C. Companies filing Form C-S are still required to prepare their financial accounts, tax computation and supporting schedules and submit them to IRAS upon request.

Unaudited accounts are accepted if the company is exempted from audit under the Companies Act.




In addition to monitoring and ensuring compliance with relevant legal requirements, a company secretary also has the following responsibilities:

Company Constitution

We are responsible that the company is in compliance with its constitution. We also have a duty to draft amendments in accordance with correct procedures.

Board Meetings

We are responsible for the co-ordination of the company’s formal decision making and reporting operation, certifying copies of minutes and ensuring that correct procedures are followed, drafting meeting agendas with the chairman. Not to mention that we will also be attending meetings, taking and maintaining minutes for your company.

General Meetings

We are responsible for attending the meeting, taking minutes, obtaining agreement to all documentation for circulation to shareholders, , as well as coordinating the administration and procedures.

Maintaining Statutory Registers and Books
company secretary singaporeStatutory Returns

We have the responsibility to update ACRA on :-

  • adoption, alteration and revocation of constitution
  • removal from office in accordance with the Singapore Companies Actor the constitution
  • issue of shares
  • disqualification from holding office
  • any changes in the director(s) of a company or particulars relating to director(s)
  • annual return
  • change of company name
  • appointments/resignations/deaths
  • changes to a directors name or residential address
  • any other changes that requires updating with ACRA





Company Strike Off     – Only $S 380!


There are many conditions to Striking off a Company in Singapore. Some of them are such as clearing off all the tax liabilities that are outstanding, getting a written consent from the shareholders of the company. We can help you in de-register your business in the most appropriate way.

As per ACRA, your Company will be de-registered only after it meets the following conditions:

  • The Company has stopped all the business operations.
  • The Company has closed all its bank accounts.
  • The Company has settled all the court proceedings and is no longer involved in any proceedings of the court in and outside Singapore.
  • The Company has neither any asset nor any liability.
  • The Company is not indebted to any government departments including ACRA.
  • The Company no longer has any tax liabilities to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). Also, the Company must not have any outstanding tax refund from the IRAS.
  • The Company has cleared off all the outstanding charges.
  • Also, it is mandatory for a company to cancel its GST registration before striking off.

Understanding the Process of Striking-Off a Company

After the Strike Off is approved, notice will be delivered to the Company’s registered office address and to the residential addresses of its directors. Also, notice will be sent to IRAS and it is usually sent within 14 days of the receipt of the strike off application.

All of those who received the notice are given a period of one month to raise any objection against the application.

After the expiry of this period, it will be forwarded to the Government Gazette for getting the Company’s name stricken off in 60 days. An objection can be still raised against the application within these 60 days.

Right after the 60 days, the final notification will be generated wherein it will be declared that the name of the Company has been deleted from the register.

The complete process of striking off a Company takes around 4 months. However, just in case, there is anyone who still has an objection to the Company’s striking-off, one can make an appeal to the court for the company’s restoration within 6 years.

The Right Mix of the Essential Secretarial and Administrative Services for Your Business

With our corporate secretary services, you can rest assured of everything at its right place. It certainly can’t get any better than this for any organization, right? Also, our Company secretary is highly reliable and will keep things really confidential about your organization. As a responsible and reliable agency dealing with corporate secretarial services for the past many years, we look forward to fulfilling the requirement of our clients to the fullest irrespective of the size of the Company. Most importantly, we have the right mix of the essential secretarial and administrative services for your business that can help you take a lot of burden off your shoulders. It is always a very wise thing to appoint a Company Secretary for one’s Company but also, one should be very careful with the choice of the secretary and only choose the most reliable one.